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During the repair of a two-cylinder reciprocating compressor, the underlying foundation was found to be in such poor condition (cement grouting cracked/debonded, cracks in the concrete base, failing anchor bolts, degraded concrete layer due to oil penetration, etc.) that it required a complete overhaul.

After a site visit by EMHA, and in consultation with the client, it was decided to re-anchor the entire machine and chock it with Chockfast red epoxy grouting. Diamond drilling was used to remove the old anchor bolts, and they were replaced with new epoxy-grouted anchors, designed and calculated using the EMHA calculation tool.

All the oil-contaminated concrete was completely removed and repoured with Chockfast. The compressor extension supports are fitted with soleplates designed by EMHA, which ensures that the machine can be easily removed for future maintenance and eliminates the need for partial removal of the new grout layer. The entire foundation was treated with an AQ-paint 2K epoxy system to prevent penetration of oil, moisture and other contaminants into the concrete.

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Floris Hartman

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