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We as EMHA have recently been able to carry out another fantastic assignment. Our customer had been having a problem with one of their ships. Several parts of the propulsion engines broke off.

This was caused by exorbitant vibration levels. Our EMHA Diagnostics department has performed several vibration measurements on the propulsion installations and made a recommendation based on the collected data. On request of the customer we delivered a custom made consultation regarding a new foundation and propulsion line setup. So the EMHA Engineering department devised a new setup, substantiated with a FEM model and calculations. After which the Marine & Offshore department carried out the adjustment. The skids on the foundation have been stripped and fitted with brackets, put on Chockfast Orange and fitted with a few fitting bolts. The engines that were not allowed to be mounted rigidly, are arranged flexibly and then aligned under the supervision of the classification society. Vibration measurements were then carried out again during a sea trial. This showed that the vibration levels had decreased by almost two-third. EMHA has achieved the maximum that can be achieved with the existing resources and adjustments. A wonderful project in which three of our disciplines were used.

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Floris Hartman

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