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We recently started an interesting project on a naval vessel abroad, which involved three disciplines: 3D survey, on-site machining and shaft coating. Conical holes had to be bored in the flanges of a propeller shaft and intermediate shaft.

Before we could start with the on-site machining of the conical holes, the flanges had to be perfectly aligned, both axially and radially. We did this using a Leica Laser Tracker with an accuracy of 0.05 mm.

Then our on-site machinists could start the work of boring the conical holes. This, too, was carried out with extreme precision. After each hole was bored, ‘bluing’ was used to determine how cleanly the conical bolts fit in the hole and whether the length of travel of the bolt is within tolerance.  This was carried out under the watchful eye of a surveyor from a renowned classification society. The contact pattern of the bluing must be at least 90%. The boring work is now nearly finished, and the client is extremely satisfied with the demonstrated workmanship.

The uncoated parts of the shafts will then be given a propeller shaft coating. Finally, the shafts will be protected against the possible influences of sea water.

If you have an on-site machining project, 3D survey project or shaft coating project in which quality is essential, please let us know and we will be happy to get in touch with you.

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Floris Hartman

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