Phillybond TA-30 is a highly thixotropic, two-component, high tack epoxy adhesive specially developed for the installation of vibration-damping materials.

Description and application
Because Phillybond TA-30 has an adhesive strength of 25 kg/m2 during the curing process, there is often no need to make clamping constructions. This adhesive is also extremely suitable for use as a filler between damping materials (in constructions/machine parts) and for forming radiuses on welds/seams.

Phillybond TA-30 is non-toxic and contains no solvents. Odours or vapours from the mixed product are negligible, allowing its use in enclosed spaces. Phillybond TA-30 has excellent resistance to fresh and salt water, crude and refined oils, gasoil, jet fuel and many other substances.