What is engineering

Engineering at EMHA means a combination of more than 60 years of specialist practical experience with high-quality technical knowledge and skills to solve the most complex and diverse problems for you.
Working in the maritime, offshore, industrial and infra sector we are familiar with the best practices, applicable standards and regulations and the class requirements.

Solutions to (complex) problems are not always obvious. Availability of the right information, insufficient insight or the unknown conditions in which the solution has to be found, are just some of the arguments to choose for an engineering project.
EMHA can analyse your issues in a structured and well-founded manner in order to obtain relevant information and insights and offer a practical solution.

Our services for Engineering


  • Axial Vibration Calculations (Whirling)
  • Bending Stresses in the Shaft Line
  • Chockfast® Application Calculations
  • Class design approval support
  • Classification Calculations
  • Concept, Basic & Detailed Design (3D CAD)
  • Degrees of Freedom of Resiliently Mounted Installations
  • Engineering support
  • Fabrication, installation & (de)commissioning support
  • Feasibility studies support
  • Gap/Sag Calculations
  • Machine Alignment Calculations
  • Meclev® Application Calculations
  • Shaft alignment calculation incl. strain gauges (gap & sag)
  • Shaft Alignment Calculations and Analysis
  • Static and Dynamic analysis and calculations(FEA)
  • Torsional vibration calculation (TVC)