What is engineering & construction and how does it fit in our strategy?

Our engineers are specialised in performing structural calculations and numerical design and modelling of various objects. We also provide complete work packages, including production drawings and step-by-step plans. Because we combine our engineers’ expertise with techniques such as finite element calculations, displacement measurements and material testing, we are very capable in the design of improvements for existing machine configurations.

We provide certified welding work in stainless steel and steel from our own workshop. This includes base frames we have designed in-house, as well as prefabricated pipe sections and structures. We are specialised in 3D scanning of spaces and, based on these scans, designing, assembling and installing complete pipeline systems. We are also specialised in on-site welding and construction work.

Our services for Engineering & Construction


  • Axial Vibration Calculations (Whirling)
  • Bending Stresses in the Shaft Line
  • Chockfast® Application Calculations
  • Classification Calculations
  • Concept, Basic & Detailed Design (3D CAD)
  • Degrees of Freedom of Resiliently Mounted Installations
  • Gap/Sag Calculations
  • Machine Alignment Calculations
  • Meclev® Application Calculations
  • Shaft Alignment Calculations and Analysis
  • Structural Calculations (FEA)
  • Torsional Vibration Calculations (TVC)


  • Baseplates & Frames
  • Carbon & Stainless Steel, Aluminium
  • Foundations
  • Piping & Constructions