What is machinery installation and how does it fit in our strategy?

In recent decades, we have increasingly specialised in the installation of machinery and propulsion systems in various industries, offshore and shipbuilding. For example, we install and grout pumps and reciprocating compressors in conformance with API RP 686 in the petrochemical industry, while in the maritime sector we align and install complete propeller shaft installations.

By combining various fields of expertise, such as 3D measurement, alignment, epoxy grouting, construction and vibration measurements, we are able to offer a unique service that can prevent transmission errors and guarantee the best quality for your installation.

Our services for Machinery Installations

Machinery Installations

  • Application Chockast® Epoxy Solutions
  • Installation of Auxiliary Equipment
  • Installation of Complete Propulsion Installations
  • Installation of Construction Parts
  • Installation of Rotating and Reciprocating Equipment
  • Levelling and Grouting of Machinery According to API-RP-686
  • Meclev® Mechanical Foundation Solutions
  • Replacement of Rotating and Reciprocating Equipment