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For this project, in close cooperation with Loodswezen we proposed a measurement system for Rijkswaterstaat, to monitor the forces in the mooring lines of a seagoing vessel in the lock due to the fresh/salt water exchange in the new ship lock “Zeesluis IJmuiden”.

The forces were measured using 4 of our load cells (2x 55Ton and 2x 85Ton) on a rental basis with the necessary additional fasteners in combination with dedicated software and displayed on a laptop for real-time measurements and logging over a longer period.  It was important to perform these measurements for ships of different sizes to determine the maximum loads in the mooring lines. We also determined the difference in forces for incoming ships (from sea, with the bow pointed towards fresh water) and outgoing ships (to sea, with the bow pointing towards salt water).

Our EMHA Monitoring department performs measurements with TechnoFysica® load cells. For more than 30 years, in close cooperation with our customers, we have developed a complete range of reliable and durable Techno Fysica™ load cells to meet their specific requirements, enabling delivery to the most challenging projects around the world. We also offer a wide range of load sensors for rental in combination with wired of wireless readout units.

Detailed information: The load on the mooring lines at the new IJmuiden sea lock is greater, because the lock is deeper than other locks. The applied increased loads on the ship in the lock chamber are caused by the mixing of salt and fresh water when the lock chamber is levelled with the ship. The fresher water from the North Sea Canal flows along the top and the salt water flows along the bottom as salt water is heavier. This current creates forces, which are greater in this sea lock due to the fact that it is 18 meters deep. The pilots must be alert to this effect when departing and maneuvering in the lock chamber. During the test locks the pilots gain their necessary experience.

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