What is Metallurgical failure examination and how does it fit in our strategy?

The metallurgical department at EMHA carries out research on various materials. The main part is steel, but also higher grades of steel, stainless steel and other metals can be investigated. In most cases, we carry out destructive testing. This means that we search deeper into the material to find the cause of a damage and to determine the original quality and microstructure.

A damage usually has major consequences, especially financial. The part or machine in question may be out of operation for a longer period of time. Even more annoying are damages that cause injuries or worse. We can also investigate these damages.
Most of the damage research is carried out in our laboratory in Barendecht. However, we can also carry out investigations on location.

The strength of our claims department, besides years of experience, is the support of our other expertises. With a combination of these expertises, we can examine your damage faster and more thoroughly.

Our Metallurgical & Damage Research services

Metallurgical Failure Analyses

  • Expert Witness
  • Fractography
  • Microstructural Examination
  • Quality Control
  • Root Cause Failure Analysis