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We are delighted to inform you about the latest developments in our organization. On July 28th 2022, EMHA has acquired Dutch Machining Group (DMG).

Why acquiring Dutch Machining Group?

By acquiring DMG we are able to expand and strengthen our services in terms of on-site machining and alignment.  Merging the best of both worlds, gives us the unique opportunity to offer our customers a more effective and comprehensive service, which contributes directly to the quality of our customers.

About DMG

DMG is an experienced company with a diverse and wide range of portable machines combined with a broad and experienced knowledge of machining techniques, all in the hands of a dedicated team of skilled technicians. This makes their offered expertise unrivalled in the field of on-site machining. DMG has an extensive range of equipment meaning they can mobilize quickly as well as achieving greater accuracy on-site to get the job done right the first time.

We’re looking forward to the challenge

Nothing will change for you. DMG and EMHA will remain in their current setting and continue to operate under their own name. We will continue to provide our services at both locations, well known to our clients. If you have a project, you can get in touch with your current contact person when necessary, and they will act on you behalf. We will continue to maintain short and personal lines of contact with our customers, with the aim of investing in long-term relationships based on mutual trust as a key aspect. We would love to hear about your projects and challenges. Give us a call, and experience the benefits!

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Marco van ‘t Geloof

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