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Vibration measurements indicated that the foundation block and anchor bolts of a client's screw compressor and electric motor were in poor condition. As a result, vibrations resulting from normal operation of the machine were not being dissipated in the foundation. Due to high vibration levels, the client was forced to reduce the speed from 1500 rpm to 1200 rpm: resulting in reduced production.

EMHA reviewed the entire foundation design, then designed and produced new soleplates and anchor bolts. Final assembly was completed on site, and the old soleplates and anchor bolts were removed. All the existing cement grouting was removed, and the affected concrete was removed and repaired with Chockfast Red. New anchor pockets were created, and new anchor bolts designed by EMHA were bonded into the foundation.

The compressor and electric motor were aligned to the existing piping on their new soleplates, after which the installation was chocked with Chockfast Red. After curing for 48 hours, the anchor bolts were torqued and EMHA carried out the final alignment of the electric motor to the compressor. Before the foundation overhaul, overall vibrations of 3-4 mm/s were recorded, with peaks of 7 or more. After re-grouting, the measured values were <1 mm/s, an improvement of about 75%.

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