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EMHA Noise & Vibration consultancy provides comprehensive consultancy services for Kewatec Shipyards for their newbuilding research vessel. The consultancy services will emphasize on items that are most critical to noise and vibrations, without neglecting seemingly less important items which are essential for this high-quality project. Also a prediction of underwater radiated noise is included in the advice.

With growing concerns about the environment, EMHA has developed a calculation method to predict underwater radiated noise. With the EMHA method it is possible to predict all major noise sources over the full spectrum at an early design stage. With good accuracy and validated with measurements. No tools that need detailed design input and model testing are required. For this particular project the prediction method is used in order to minimise interference with the vessel’s sensitive instruments.

This underwater acoustic calculation program in conjunction with our well-known existing engineering services for noise and vibrations consultancy gives our customers a head start in quality.

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Bas Planken

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