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On behalf of Pon Power, EMHA has made a unique contribution to the engineering and FAT phase of a large number of Caterpillar variable speed generator sets for various luxury yachts. 

During the engineering phase, the designs were optimized for maximum vibration and noise reduction. The engineering works were mainly focused on correct selection of the flexible coupling, resilient mounts and the flexible connections. Using FEM analyses, the design of the support frames has been optimized and verified to best suit the specific arrangement and application. The complexity and challenges we encountered during these projects are characterized as follows:

- Different disciplines and stakeholders involved

- Limited space on board

- High generated load at variable speed

- High comfort requirements

For the purpose of the FAT’s of these generator sets, we worked together with Pon Power to physically optimize the testing facility to ensure that it was suitable for testing these generator sets before they were installed on board.

During the FAT’s, our Diagnostics engineers carried out noise and vibration measurements on the generator sets to validate that the integrated design and mounting system meet the project requirements and industry standards.

This approach and cooperation between Pon Power and EMHA resulted in a reliable and validated arrangement of each individual set, minimizing problems and unforeseen situations on board.

Together with our valued customer Pon Power, EMHA is proud of the result achieved. In good cooperation, we went through a unique process in which mutual expertise fully complemented each other. This led to a good end result with a satisfied end customer.

Photo: Pon Power B.V.

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